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Rtistic Hair Studio - El Paso, TX

Who we are?

We at Rtistic Hair Studio allow knowledge and creativity in creating one of a kind personal experience to our valued customers. Our company is greatly driven in providing excellent service when it comes to hair care and needs together with our client’s facial necessities.


Why Consider Us?

Quality service and affordable price are the powerful reasons why you need to consider Rtistic Hair Studio to be your trusted company when it comes to hair and facial care as well as needs. There is nothing to look for in other companies because we can give it all to you. Our services are considered unmatched making us to be the leading company when it comes to this field of industry. Our countless customers everyday is the living proof of how well we work in this area of service.

Our Services

All the hair care needs are offered by our company with full of expertise. Our company is providing hair cut services both for men and women. Also, we are offering hair cut for kids ages 10 and under. There is nothing to worry because we have staffs who are carefully trained in doing such delicate hair cutting. We are also using skin friendly powder to avoid irritation brought by their sensitive skin. Be assured that our company will take good care of your kids. To add, you can also choose the hair cut that want by checking our magazine with latest cut that you can choose from. But, if you do not know the best cut for your hair, there is nothing to worry because our expert staffs will help you.

Aside from haircut, our company is also providing hair styling depending on your need or to the occasion you will be attending to. You may request the kind of style that you want or seek advice from our professional staffs that will enhance your beauty.

If gray hair starts to grow, you probably need for hair coloring. But, if you just want to have a new look or portray an image, you can still rely with our expert staffs. All the different hair colors are available in our company; you just need to choose from it. If you just want a little color you may consider highlighting or lowlighting to improve the color of hair as well as adding beauty to your hair.

You can also check your hair if it needs hair treatment. If you observe that your hair is already dry and too freezy, well it is the time that you need to seek assistance from us. Why? This is in order to prevent further damage of your hair while transforming it to a great and amazing look. We are providing chemical relaxer as well as reconstructive hair treatment.

Aside from the hair care and needs, we are also providing services intended for your face. We provide make-up services, eyebrow waxing and masking your entire face. All these services can be experienced as you visit the site of our company, Rtistic Hair Studio.

Our Staffs

In order for any business entity to become successful it requires quality staffs who will carry out the company workflow. Good thing that we have that! Yes, you heard it right. We are proud of saying that we have really expert staffs who have the capacity of carrying out services when it comes to hair care needs and facial needs. Before our staffs are given with tasks to do, they first undergo trainees that will equip and make them experts of the field.

Our staffs are considered professional because we only hire those who have certificate and pass an examination to practice such field of work. With this fact, we are assured that they are really following the provided standard set by our company when it comes to quality of work. To add, they are also professional when it comes to dealing with their clients. We have never encountered any bad comments from our clients after they experience our provided services but only good and positive feedback.

With our different services offered, there are also specific staffs who will do in every provided task. This is in order to assure that everyone is really focus on what they are doing while avoiding some unavoidable circumstances that may arise in providing for such services. Our staffs are also equipped in using high technological intervention in order to make an effective service to our valued clients.

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