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There can be countless of hair care companies that offer different services but only Rtistic Hair Studio can really give you the best services that you deserve as their valued customers. In order to carry out such quality of work, all their staffs are well-trained and have necessary experiences that are helpful in doing their job. There is no doubt why countless of customer are really looking forward to experience the amazing service offered by the company.

If you want to obtain amazing transformation in your hair, consider the following services provided by the company.


Rtistic Hair Studio is offering hair cut for both male and female with corresponding staffs who are evidently expertise in providing such service. They have magazines with different and latest hairstyles that you can choose from. If you do not know the best style for your hair, you can ask for suggestions from their staffs and you will surely be provided with great answer.

Women’s Haircuts

  • (Including Shampoo Only)


  • (Including Shampoo & Blow Dryer)

    $15.00 & Up

  • (Including Shampoo & Style)

    $20.00 & Up


  • Shampoo, Cut and Style


  • The company is also providing hair cut for your kids. The safety of your kid upon engaging in this service is highly observed by this company.


Under Age 10
  • Shampoo and Cut


  • If you think that your hair needs treatment for its better look, consider the services provided below. Dry and freezy hair will no longer be a problem making you more confident with your shiny and beautiful hair. All these can only be achieved if you try the company conditioners and chemical relaxers.


  • Reconstructive Treatment

    $25.00 & Up


  • Women’s Brazilian

    $250.00 & Up

  • Men’s Hair Relaxer

    $30.00 & Up

If you find it hard to create new style for your style, let Rtistic Hair Studio do it for you with their amazing services.


  • Shampoo, Blow Dry and Straighten

    $18.00 & Up

  • Shampoo, Blow Dry and Style

    $15.00 & Up

  • Shampoo, Blow Dry and Curl

    $20.00 & Up


  • Cut and Style

    $40.00 & Up

Transform your hair thru the use of hair color that will surely give you a new look that will really amaze other people. Rtistic Hair Studio has also lowlights and highlights if you do not want to fully color your entire hair. Be assured that all the hair color they use are safe that will surely last longer.


All Hair Colors Include Treatment Cut and Style

  • Color Retouch

    $49.00 & Up

  • Full Color

    $75.00 & Up


  • Highlights

    $89.00 & Up

  • Retouch Highlights Partial

    $49.00 & Up

  • Retouch Highlights Full Head

    $69.00 & Up

  • Lowlights

    $79.00 & Up

  • Lowlights Partial

    $49.00 & Up

  • Highlight Toner Only

    $25.00 & Up


  • Color Corrective

    $40.00 / Hour

Aside from making your hair beautiful, Rtistic Hair Studio wants also to enhance the beauty of your face thru their facial services.


  • Make up Application

    $30.00 & Up

  • Eyebrow Waxing


  • Waxing Full Face


We at Rtistic Hair Studio allow knowledge and creativity in creating one of a kind personal experience to our valued customers. Our company is greatly driven in providing excellent service when it comes to hair care and needs together with our client’s facial necessities.

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